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Supported FTP commands

uFTP server supports the commands specified in this document.

USER [username]

USER followed by username string argument is the command required to login as the specified [username].


PASS followed by password string argument, is the command that must be sent after the USER command to complete the authentication procedure with the username and password pair associated to the FTP account.


Not yet implemented, the supported authentication method is in plain text.


PWD returns to the client the directory path where the user is logged in.


SYST returns to the client information about the remote system.


FEAT commands returns the FTP supported options.


OPTS commands returns other FTP supported options.


Dummy command implementation, the transfer type is always set to binary.


uFTP server opens a socket for the extended passive connection mechanism mode, it returns only the port without the address.


uFTP server opens a socket for the passive connection mechanism mode.


The FTP server opens a client connection to the specified PORT of the client (active mode).


The command abort any file transfer opened with the client.

LIST [path(optional)]

The FTP server sends the list of files and directories, modification date, size, user and group ownership of the current path or the path specified in the parameter, sorting arguments are not yet implemented in the current uFTP software release.

NLST [path(optional)]

Similar to LIST command, the difference is that with NLST command all additional information of the files is not sent to the FTP client.

STAT [path]

If a path is specified it works like LIST command, with the difference that data is sent to the primary socket. If no arguments are specified it returns some basic status of the active connection.

RETR [path]

The FTP client can request a file download from the specified path.

STOR [path]

The FTP client can request a file upload at the specified path.

CWD [path]

The FTP client can change the current working directory with the specified path.

REST [byte offset]

The FTP client can restart a download at the specified byte offset.

MKD [directory path]

Create a directory at the specified path.

DELE [path]

Delete the path specified as argument.

RMD [directory path]

Delete the directory specified in the path.


Do nothing, this command is used by the client to keep the connection opened, uftp automatically close inactive connections.

SIZE [path]

Get the size of the inode path specified as argument.

RNFR [path]

Specify the file/directory source to rename.

RNTO [path]

Specify the file/directory target to rename, this command must be send after the RNFR command to rename a file or directory.

CDUP [path]

The client working directory is moved to one parent position “../”.


Close the FTP connection.

SITE CHMOD [permissions] [commands]

The SITE CHMOD command can be used by FTP clients to change the permission of an inode (Folder, File or Link).

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