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uFTP - FTP Server

- uFTP server is an open source, portable, lightweight FTP server written in C for Unix/Linux and POSIX compliant OS. uFTP server is easy to install and configure in just 2 minutes, check out the quick installation guide!

TLS and IPV6 is supported by uFTP.

- uFTP server is compatible with all Linux distributions, it can run in every architecture including x86, x64, ARM and others.

uFTP - Why another FTP server?

I have been working with embedded Linux for decades, one of the most annoying part is to configure servers and the Linux distributions to match the user applications.

Almost all others FTP servers may be difficult to compile, difficult to configure and difficult to understand, uFTP server has been developed to be an easy alternative to classic heavy FTP servers, each configuration parameter is well documented.

uFTP server uses a different approach, is a portable application that uses only one configuration file and a limited number of settings are required, the configuration file can be either stored in the same binary directory or in the standard linux path “/etc/”. The simplicity of the installation, configuration and compilation make uFTP server a perfect choice to run in small distributions and even in initramfs bootloaders. A common practice in embedded Linux applications is to use the initramfs bootloader to load the user final application, in this special case uFTP server could be really appreciated by the embedded developers.

The code of uFTP is free to use even in commercial applications, uFTP is distributed under MIT license, you can implement your FTP server in your code by reusing the uFTP source code.

Why choose uFTP:

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to configure
  • Portable binary application
  • Open Source permissive MIT license
  • Lightweight C software
  • Only one configuration file
  • No particular skills required to setup
  • Well documented on the official wiki
  • The code and the software can be used in commercial applications
  • Portable C source code
  • For Unix/Linux and POSIX OS.
  • TLS encrypted connection supported
  • IPV6 support

Get the latest source codes from GitHub: https://github.com/kingk85/uFTP

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